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At Golden Horseshoe Tattoo we have 2 autoclaves for our clients. One of which we use just for your new jewelry. We sterilize your jewelry for you while you wait. We do not package our jewelry and let it sit around and possibly become contaminated or have packaging expire. We feel it is best to sterilize your jewelry right in front of you and show you the process.

We use a Statim 2000 for all our jewelry sterilization.

Your safety is our first concern. We have a strict process of cleaning and sterilizing our instruments to make sure you are protected. Before any of our instruments enter our autoclave we have a multiple step process to ensure no debris or material may be left.

This process starts with a pre-soak for our tools. This soak insures any contaminates are unable to remain on the tools as well as killing bacteria that may be present. After the instruments are left to soak they are then scrubbed underwater to remove any residue that may be left. Then are rinsed off and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. This ultra-sonic cleaner helps remove any debris possibly left from the first steps. The tools are then removed and once again rinsed. Left to air dry and then packaged in appropriate packages for autoclave sterilization.


We use a Ritter M11 for our instruments.